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We have just returned to our home in Canada after spending an amazing four months at Boca West Country Club. Every aspect of living at Boca West Country Club is wonderful. The amenities are beyond compare.....from the fully equipped fitness center and pool, beautiful full service spa, restaurants that serve the best food in South Florida and the incomparable activities that were offered over the holidays which our grandchildren enjoyed. Each and every staff member is committed to making sure residents and guests are treated royally. We are thrilled to have made BWCC our home away from home and look forward to creating new memories there for many years to come. - Rita Gross

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Living in Boca West is like being on vacation all year long. The staff is superb and the amenities are of the highest quality. We have lived here for eight years and enjoy everything about this outstanding community, from the four championship golf courses and the award winning tennis facility with 30+ tennis courts, our newest and fastest growing sport Pickleball to the world class spa. It has that nice country club feel in the perfect location. This is what life is all about! – Michelle Haddad

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Boca West Country Club is a very forward thinking adult sleep away camp! There are so many activities to choose from and it keeps growing. It is a privilege to be a member while having the opportunity to give back to the many charities that are involved here. - Francine Rudy

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It is by far the most fabulous resort: the golf, the tennis, the fitness center and the outstanding restaurants. The functions and activities are so much fun and stimulating. Love living at Boca West!!!! - Nancy Frydman

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Boca West is first and foremost a world-class resort - golf, tennis, spa, fitness center, aquatic center and myriad restaurants make it a destination attraction. For those of us who spend a majority of our time in New York, the ability to fly 2-1/2 hours to a luxurious, activity filled residence can't be underscored enough. - Michael Lissauer 

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Retirement is one of those passages in life that can be overwhelming. We have never done this before and the unknowns are incredibly unsettling. Boca West helps to soothe it all. We found the residents, as well as the staff to be wonderfully welcoming. There wasn’t a moment that we felt lost in our new adventure. Golf, tennis, social events, cultural activities, an incredible spa and fitness center, and the best food IS all at your fingertips. There are a lot of choices out there and we could not be happier with the one that we made. It’s like living at a fine resort, and we get to call it HOME. - Harriet Moskowitz 

flower growing at Boca West

Beware of being spoiled at Boca West Country Club, voted the # 1 residential country club in the United States. Living at Boca West can be challenging when you leave the premises. While at Boca West, our premier luxurious resort style country club, you become spoiled with six restaurants, four championship golf courses, 30 hydro tennis courts, a world class spa & fitness center, activities desk, plush card rooms, many good friends and so much more. It’s always wonderful to come back home after our summer break. - Marilyn & Len Rashkin, members since 2005

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“If there is a heaven, this is it…Boca West has it all, golf, tennis, spa, salon, fitness center, pool and five restaurants too! All done to perfection. What could be better than living in a 5 star resort!” - Patti and Barry Roberts

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Before purchasing our home in Clubside last year, we toured a dozen or so country club communities in Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens. Boca West far and away exceeds what others have to offer both in its facilities and in the reasonableness in its costs per family. None of the clubs that we toured have been able to update their facililities at a rate near what Boca West does. We love the diversity of the restaurants and found the community to be extremely welcoming. Within weeks, we made dozens of new friends. Our purchase here was the smartest choice we could have made. - Stanley Ross

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Dr. Richard Akawie retired OB/GYN from New Jersey. I have been a member of Boca West Country Club since 1987. Active in both Tennis and Golf. I have seen many changes in the growth of the club through the years. Presently a new golf center as well as Dining, Library and classroom facilities are being built without assessment! Whatever is done is always "State of the Art" and much appreciated. - Richard Akawie

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If you loved Summer Camp as a kid, you'll love Boca West as an adult — all the activities and friendships, but with world-class restaurants and amenities. - Barbara and Ted Kalina

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As I come North during the summer to various locations I meet many new people. Conversation usually includes "and where do you live"? Boca West I happily reply and they usually say, I think it is the most beautiful well run community with warm friendly people". And I reply, yes now they are adding Pickleball to their exciting beautiful tennis facility too. I love living there! - Judy Ludmer

Tennis court and viewing stage at Boca West Country Club

At Boca West Country Club: Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Spa, Pools, Cards, Restaurants, Social Events and Activities; all class A. Wonderful neighbors and helpful/friendly/knowledgeable staff.  Nearby Boca West Country Club: Lifelong Learning Society lectures at Florida Atlantic University (travel time 15 minutes); Ocean Beaches (20 minutes); Bird Watching at Wakodahatchee Wetlands (20 minutes); JCC Programs and Classes (10 minutes); Home Depot and Lowes (10 minutes); Publix (5 minutes); Major Department Stores (10 minutes); Restaurants and small shops (all over the place). - Howard Schusterman