Boca West Continues Its Support Of Habitat For Humanity With Two New Homes In Boynton Beach


Boca West Country Club and its members continue the spirit of serving the community. On November 18, Boca West CEO Jay DiPietro and several members “raised the roof” on two new homes with Habitat for Humanity South Palm Beach County. The homes are sponsored by Boca West Country Club.

In conjunction with Habitat for Humanity’s 25th year of service to South Palm Beach County, Boca West sponsored the two homes for very deserving families in need, The Singletary and Cantave/Jerome families.

The first home is being constructed for Whitney Singletary, a single mom to Desean who has been living in an apartment that has significant maintenance issues including water leaks and potential mold. Singletary has been working at Home Depot in the paint department doing her best to create stability and a safe haven for her son. “I’m looking forward to just having the feeling of saying “all this is mine” once I purchase my home. I don’t have to move out or have restrictions on what I can do. I can have friends come over and show my hard work and what I have accomplished. I am looking forward to having family gatherings, BBQ’s on the weekend,” says Singletary.

The second is for the Cantave/Jerome family. Walson Cantave met his wife approximately four years ago at a one-day convention at St. John Church in Boynton Beach where they hit it off instantly. One year later, the couple was married. Walson and his wife, Antonine Jerome live in a one-bedroom apartment with a poor roof and an infestation of mold and insects. “I have been trying to find a new place to live so we can pay month-to-month but everything is too expensive,” says Cantave. With a smile on his face, Cantave described what his house would mean to those who mean the most to him, “If I have kids, my house will be good because it’s going to be brand new and clean. Nothing will make them sick because it will be clean. Antonine will be happy to stay in one place too so we don’t have to move and move and move. We stop in our home and that’s it.”


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