Boca West Country Club Grants American Dream To A Habitat Family

HOUSEWARMING PARTY The Profilice Bonhomme family, at left, joins those who helped make their new home in suburban Delray Beach a reality. From left, Altagrace Bonhomme, Nicholas Profilice, Rebekah Profilice (in front), Wilson Profilice, Steve Forman, Wilnise Profilice, Mark Berkowitz, Jay DiPietro (president/general manager/Boca West Country Club), Randy Nobles (executive director/Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County), Robert Locke (chairman of the board/Boca West Country Club).


The morning of July 21, 2016 will always serve as a memorable day for the Profilice-Bonhomme Family, as it marks the day the family received a set of keys to their new home— an exchange that seemed far out of reach until Habitat for Humanity and Boca West Country Club came along.


Originally from Haiti, Wilson and Altagrace came to the United States in search of a better life for their three children, Nicholas, Wilnise and Rebekah. Prior to moving into their new home, they were living in a bedbug ridden 2-bedroom apartment in Boca Raton where all three children had to share a room— a living situation no family should have to endure.


Their new three bedroom modular home in suburban Delray Beach is truly a dream come true for the patriarch, Wilson Profilice, who also put in hundreds of volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity to make the thought of owning a home a reality for his Family.


Boca West Country Club has been a prominent supporter of Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County since 2012, and was happy to partner with the organization once again, donating their third home to a local family in need.


“Our members are all about giving back,” Boca West President, Jay DiPietro told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “But I Can also relate to this wonderful family. I was the oldest of seven kids. My mother and father were immigrants from Italy and we lived in the slums of Boston. It was a very tough life. Being an American and being a part of this country is the most fantastic thing God has ever given us. Everybody needs a helping hand at some point,” DiPietro said.




The modular home is the first of its kind built by Habitat for Humanity and may continue to serve as an affordable alternative for future Habitat homes.


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