Fore the Golfer

Fore the Golfer!
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Attention Boca West Country Club golfers: The USGA (United States Golf Association) has introduced a new online video series that explores, instructs, and entertains golf enthusiasts of all levels. The best part – there is no charge, or fee for tapping into this resource, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


Novice golfers who may still find the sport a little intimidating can watch lively and informative 2-minute videos that can be viewed on a laptop or iPad at your leisure. Visit the USGA website and review the different categories. A few topics include upbeat instructional videos that visually demonstrate a narrated overview on a variety of topics:


The Rules of Golf Explained
• Ball Lost or Out of Bounds
• Bunkers
• Abnormal Course Conditions
• Penalty Areas


Fore the Golfer
• How to Rake a Bunker
• How to Drive a Golf Cart
• Divot Repair 101
• Understanding the USGA Golf Handicap System


You can also download the new 2019 USGA Rules of Golf App on a smart phone. The rules are easy to understand with photos and graphics, and if a golfer has a play dispute on the course, it’s convenient to refer to the app on your phone for clarification.


For the passionate golf wonk, the website directs you to the USGA social media sites, where you can follow national and international golf news as it happens. Enjoy this new service, and you’ll find that your love and understanding of the game will undoubtedly improve!

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