Habitat for Humanity 2018 House That Women Built Dedication

Boca West Dedicates 2018
“House That Women Built” for Habitat for Humanity

It was a grand and glorious day in Boynton Beach, when general manager Matthew Linderman handed the keys to their new house to Dreamer March and Willie Allen on July 27, 2018. It is the fifth house that Boca West Country Club members have sponsored for Habitat for Humanity, providing affordable homes for a deserving family through donated fuds from the club, that have now added up to more than $600,000 in total donations.


The brand new, four-bedroom home, with a two-car garage and a beautifully landscaped yard was a dream come true for this family with six children, ranging in ages from 1 to 16. Dreamer March, did not have a great childhood. Growing up with 18 siblings, and having parents with drug and alcohol issues, she spent a lot of time in foster care. Dreamer found herself a mother of two, and homeless at 19 years old. She spent three months in a shelter, and she called the Palm Beach Housing Authority every day to see if they could find her housing. Finally, she was able to move and she met her future husband, Willie Allen who lived a few doors down. Dreamer has worked at Wal-Mart for eight years, and Willie has been employed at BrandsMart for over ten, and together they spent hundreds of hours working alongside the Habitat for Humanity builders to complete their new home.


Dreamer and Willie were determined that their children would never have to go through what they did growing up. Thanks to the members of Boca West, and other generous donation, they finally have stability and a house that they own…one with their first-ever backyard for their children to play in.


A unique factor of this Habitat Home is that it was constructed by the 2018 Women Builders, more than 125 women who took meaningful action, fundraised, and advocated for good, affordable housing for those less fortunate. Wearing pink hard hats these women raised hammer, drills and came together to transform the community and give a “hands up”, not a hand out”, and built homes for hard-working, local, low income moms and their families. The dedication was attended by 50 of the volunteer women who hung drywall, painted, built and laid sod, under the supervision of construction professionals, for two neighboring Habitat homes for a block of impact in Boynton Beach.



A few women shared the rewarding experience of improving the community at the dedication, and a few tears were shed as the March-Allen children hugged Matthew Linderman when he handed their parents the keys.


Through the generosity of the members of Boca West Country Club, another local, deserving family has a home. Habitat for Humanity homeowners earn their home through sweat-equity, and by qualifying for an interest free mortgage. It changes the trajectory of entire families for generations as they are the first in their family line to achieve homeownership, and they now are in a position to contribute back to their community. A special thank-you also goes to members, Marilyn and Jay Weinberg who also donated funds toward this home and worked alongside the women in helping to build this beautiful home.

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