The Art Of A Luxury Lifestyle At Boca West

Boca West epitomizes a luxurious lifestyle, and the recent addition of 300 pieces of spectacular art in the new $50 million Golf & Activities Center, not only enhances the magnificent new facility but it brings great joy to the members and guests who visit. The language of art, expressed through colors, shapes, lines and images, speaks in way that words cannot.

Exquisite contemporary paintings in an array of mediums grace the grand hallways, and the amenity rooms, from the beautiful restaurants to the well-appointed locker rooms, and card rooms. The stunning collection was sourced, commissioned and curated exclusively for Boca West by 95 different artists, from eight different galleries, and include original canvases, acrylics, oils, glass, and hand-embellished giclée prints.

Fascinating molten glass sculptures, shaped and molded in remarkable designs and vibrant colors create an avant-garde visual experience. The stunning impact of brushed and polished metal sculptural wall pieces feature unique, sophisticated designs that stimulate the senses, and transports viewers to another dimension. The dazzling, eye-catching large canvas original artwork evoke tranquil elegance, and heart felt feelings of happiness.

The true value of the inspirational new artwork cannot be measured, but the monetary value has been estimated at over $360,000. However, this figure does not include the spectacular photography of the Club’s golf courses, the urban wall graphic and sports memorabilia that enhances the décor in the trend-setting Grand Central themed deli and sports bar.

We encourage our members to take a few minutes to immerse themselves in the transforming beauty of the new artwork that brings us all so much pleasure. According to science art promotes positive emotions that spark the same part of the brain, as when you fall in love!

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